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Deciding how to heat your home can be very confusing, but when you know all the facts, you will undoubtedly choose fuel oil. 

Isn’t oil heat expensive compared to gas and electricity?

No, oil heat is the most effective way to heat your home, because it burns more efficiently than gas, propane or electricity. In a Department of Energy study, oil heat was found to have a much hotter flame than natural gas or propane because it contains more BTUS (1 gallon of oil = 140,000 BTUS, 1 therm of natural gas = 100,000 BTUS, 1 gallon of propane = 91,330 BTUS). Also, with electricity’s high cost energy source and the rising cost of base fuels, electric rates are sure to continue to rise.

What happens when something goes wrong with my fuel oil heating system? Does the oil heat dealer really care?

With Galbraith’s 24 hr emergency service, you’re just a phone call away from having your problem serviced any time day or night. Since we supply your fuel, our incentive to provide the best possible service reaches a level of commitment no independent contractor can achieve. 

Is oil heat really reliable?

Unlike gas users, when gas pipelines are shut down due to leaks or accidents, your heat will still be on.

Isn’t oil heat unsafe? Dirty?

The fuel oil used in home heating systems is completely safe and not flammable until vaporized in your furnace or boiler. And as for cleanliness, all three heat sources are equally clean when used in modern heating systems.